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Hi I am Gitte. I’m a physiotherapist and I specialise in sports injuries but I am particularly interested in adolescents who suffer with injuries during the growing process.


I completed my degree in physiotherapy in 1997 and have worked with musculoskeletal and sports injuries for the past 11 years. My interest in treating adolescents with sporting injuries started when I began to work with sports teams so about a decade ago.


I noticed that some of the athletes I treated had a long history of injuries that had initially occurred during their “growing years”, during their teens or just before their teenage years. Some would tell me that they “just got on with it” after having had a period of rest or they had undergone some treatment that helped at the time but never stopped the symptoms from coming back. Some of the patients I see often declare that all their injuries always happen on one side of their body.  These subtle expressions of observations often help us, as movement specialists and treatment practitioners, to identify areas of the body that are at a high risk of acute or overuse injuries. It may also reveal movement patterns and strategies that are lacking in control and efficiency.


If you recognise some of the statements I have described above in yourself or in your adolescent child, then it may be worth you having a look at some of the other information on my web site.


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